Private Wetterstation Cottbus-Skadow
51°48'22'' N, 14°21'05'' E, Höhe ü.NN: 68,7 m

Sensor for air temperature and humidity

Sensors for wind speed and direction


The Weather Station

I. Location

The privately operated weather station is located in the small village of Skadow, just five miles north of the city center of Cottbus. The residential area around the station is home to about 600 people and characterized by single-family estates.

II. Range of Meteorological Data

Regular monitoring and recording started on Apr 1, 2005, utilizing the Davis Vantage Pro2 system. Outdoor sensors collect the following meteorological real-time data:
- air temperature at 2 meters (= 6 ft) above ground
- relative humidity at 2 meters above ground
- air temperatur at 5 centimeters (= 2 in) above ground
- wind speed and direction at 7 meters (= 23 ft) above ground
An indoor sensor measures
- air pressure at the station's height above sea level
while the
- amount of precipitation  
is manually obtained using a Hellmann rain gauge.

III. Comments

As far as possible, data are collected under standard conditions as required by the German National Weather Service (DWD). However, it was not always possible to meet standards regarding the station's distance to buildings and vegetation in its immediate vicinity. Nevertheless, the impact on the results measured should not be significant. The situation is different for the measurement of wind speed and direction. As the height at which the sensors are placed is clearly below standard height, the results cannot be considered representative.